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CHICAGO (Sept. 14, 2000) - The innovative Postmark(r), CropTouch(tm) and SeedTag(tm) brands of tracking and identification products will now be marketed under a new corporate name - The change was announced by Agricultural Information Technologies (AIT) at a media event today at the national conference: The New IP Value-Added Agriculture: Developing the Infrastructure.

"It's our goal to simplify and streamline the process of identifying and tracking valuable characteristics in crops and livestock," says Tim Aughenbaugh president of "Our existing products, and several under development, fit better under the banner." is a newly established strategic business unit of AIT. AIT introduced Postmark(r) signposts, CropTouch(tm) data collection technology and the SeedTag(tm) database over the last several years. The company also markets TraitCheck(tm) and GMO Check(tm) testing kits manufactured by Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. markets products, services and software specifically for the identity preserved crop production process.

Each of's products helps manage the unique characteristics of identity preserved production. The following products are now part of

* Postmark(r) Signposts - A standardized, patented system for identifying and marking field and crop locations, consisting of a field marking signpost and various decals allowing for clear, complete communication of key field information to anyone entering the field.

* CropTouch(tm) Technology - A patented electronic tracking system for identity preserved materials and processes throughout the food production and processing industries. It consists of robust hardware for verifiable data acquisition and transfer that interfaces with's online services for data viewing and reporting.

* SeedTag(tm) Database - The industry's first comprehensive database of commercial seeds for U.S. corn, soybeans and cotton. Including information about thousands of varieties from hundreds of companies.

* TraitCheck(tm) Test Kits - Fast, effective field tests to detect genetically modified material in plant, seed and grain samples. TraitCheck can test for the Roundup Ready(r) gene in soybean and canola leaf, seed or grain samples. A TraitCheck test is available to detect the Bt gene and another to detect the Liberty Link(r) gene in corn grain samples. The tests are manufactured by Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. (

* GMO Check(tm) Test Kits - Laboratory based quantitative ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay) tests to detect genetically enhanced material in food ingredients. Tests are available for Roundup Ready gene protein in soybean and Bt corn gene protein in food ingredients. The tests are manufactured by Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. (

The company is initially targeting companies with specific grain needs, like seed producers, food processors and feed millers, that currently contract for grain production directly with growers.

The company Web site ( offers detailed descriptions of products and services available now. Aughenbaugh says the company will introduce new products and services in the coming months. is a strategic business unit of Agricultural Information Technologies of Iroquois, S.D. Founded in 1991, AIT develops electronic devices and systems for capturing and reporting a wide range of information.


Postmark is a registered trademark of
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TraitCheck and GMO Check are trademarks of Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
Roundup Ready is a registered trademark of Monsanto Company.
Liberty Link is a registered trademark of Aventis.

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